How can I learn Jèrriais?

Jèrriais classes for adults

Jèrriais - not' langue!....Because it's worth it!

Do you:

  • value and want to learn more about Jersey's language and culture?
  • find it difficult to pronounce local place names and wonder what they mean?
  • need any more reasons why you should start learning Jèrriais?!
Jèrriais - because it's worth it! There's a global wave of renewed interest in smaller languages. Jèrriais, Jersey's own language, is rich and vibrant and it's accessible to everyone, whether your family has roots going back through hundreds of years or you arrived only this week. Learning our language can open doors and helps you to understand more about the place that we all call 'home'. Why not join us and catch the wave yourself? To book a class online, click here.


Watch this space for details of classes starting in Autumn 2015.


Jèrriais classes for children

All Year 4 students in States primary schools, as from September 2012, follow a 6-week course of Jersey Studies, in which aspects of Jersey life and culture are introduced through songs, activities and a focus on Jersey's own language. A workbook accompanies the lessons. The Jèrriais songs that accompany Jersey Studies (specially recorded for the Jèrriais teaching programme by Badlabecques) can also be freely downloaded from these links.

  1. Lé Chant d'Jèrri
  2. Tandi qué bouôn mathinnyi bait
  3. J'ai pèrdu ma femme
  4. Jean Gros Jean
  5. L'Île dé Jèrri
  6. Man Bieau P'tit Jèrri

From November 2012 Jèrriais classes at primary level are concentrated in four specialist centres called Pallions. Parents can sign their children up (for free) to after-school classes at the Pallion of their choice (parents - and grandparents! - are also welcome to join in the classes and games and activities: whole family learning is a great way to keep the language active).

  • Lé Pallion d'Grouville - Grouville School
  • Lé Pallion d'Saint Louothains - Saint Lawrence School
  • Lé Pallion d'Saint Pièrre - Saint Peter's School
  • Lé Pallion d'La Preunmié Tou - First Tower School

Lessons in Secondary schools:

Jèrriais lessons at secondary level take place at lunchtimes.

A recognised GCSE-equivalent qualification is available for those students committed to working through the course


Jèrriais in schools!

Bouônjour, ch'est

There was no Jèrriais education of any kind before the 1960s, although it had been proposed from time to time over the years. It began with adult classes, and among the teachers were Mrs Phyllis Green, who had been Deputy of St. Saviour, Mr Laurie Lucas Huelin, the editor of the quarterly magazine “Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine”, Peter Germain, who ended up as Deputy Head of Victoria College before his retirement, Mrs. Joan Tapley, who has written many pieces for the Eisteddfod, and now Tony, Colin and Geraint from L'Office du Jèrriais. There have been lessons for children since 1999, starting with 13 schools, and now Jèrriais is available in all States schools and some private ones.