How can I use Jèrriais?

From welcome signs at the airport and harbours, to branded events such as La Fête dé Noué and La Faîs'sie d'Cidre, and to everydyday objects like Jersey banknotes and Jersey stamps, using Jèrriais in public demonstrates our Island's unique culture and the importance we attach to it.

Dgiêx louis

Sadly, Jèrriais is an endangered language; once upon a time, just about everyone in Jersey spoke it.

However, the number of speakers has dwindled over the years, as English has taken over. We need to remember that it is as important a part of our heritage as lé Vièr Châté (Mont Orgueil) and les vaques Jèrriaises (Jersey cows).

We want to keep it as a living language.

Deputy James Reed, Jersey's Minister for Education, Sport and Culture 2008-2011, said: "Teaching Jèrriais to both children and adults is key to maintaining and the development of our unique cultural identity."

If you would like some help in promoting your business, your product, your organisation or your event in Jèrriais, then we are here to help you. Please contact us to benefit from free advice.

Séyiz les beinv'nus!

L'Office du Jèrriais is also the place if you or any member of your staff would like to learn our language through our range of adult evening classes.

We are also very happy to discuss one-off training sessions as an introduction to Jèrriais, or even something more in-depth such as a full course.

Sus les beusses

Séyiz les beinv'nus!

Bouônjour, ch'est

Jèrriais is our own language, and we should be very proud of that fact. One can use it anywhere - in shops, advertisements, fêtes and shows and with our families. In learning Jèrriais, our children will understand the Island better. You should use Jèrriais with the older generation, the younger generation, your friends and even with your pets!

La Fête Nouormande