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What is Jèrriais?

Jèrriais is a language in which Jersey people have exchanged poetry, stories, scandals, beliefs and business. It is a language of lullabies and laughs, satire and swearwords, and so much Jersey history is recorded only in Jèrriais. It is a living language and we look forward to passing it on to generations to come.

Jèrriais Teachers

comment qu’tu’es?

How are you?


Jèrriais speakers are a friendly and welcoming bunch and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hear and speak the language throughout the year at events such as La Fête du Jèrriais and La Faîs’sie d’Cidre amongst others. Any time you fancy a chat, drop into our morning café conversation groups at The Village Tea Room, St Martin (Wednesday), The Yard at Jersey Museum, St Helier (Thursday) and Jersey Pearl, St Ouen (Friday).


Jèrriais has been around for over a thousand years and traces its origins to Normandy and the Norman language, although it is very much a language in its own right, and a living language at that! We have a rich body of literature dating back to the late 18th century, yet our native tongue was only very recently adopted as an official language of our local parliament.


Classes take place in schools from nursery through to secondary school and we also offer lessons for adults at every level from beginner to advanced. On our learning pages, you will find a variety of learning resources and more are being developed all the time.




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