The Corn Riots Festival – La Folle d’Avoût

The Corn Riots Festival - La Folle d’Avoût

The Corn Riots Festival, or La Folle d’Avoût, began in 2021 to celebrate the pivotal moment in 1769 when a group of Jersey citizens rose up to challenge the unfair systems in place at that time, leading to a more democratic Island. The festival celebrates all things Jersey, past and present, and aims to showcase the vibrant, multicultural society we have today whilst honouring our Norman roots.

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The Jèrriais phrase La Folle d’Avoût means ‘the wild spirit of harvest’, a whirlwind that disrupts the calm fields at harvest time, embodying the turbulent times of the Corn Riots yet with a nod to the carnival atmosphere of today’s festival. There’ll be music, dancing, poetry, book launches, storytelling, games, exhibitions, films, talks, walks, food and drink stalls, a Norman market and a reenactment of the march from Trinity Church to Lé Vièr Marchi where it all started.

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