La Fête dé Noué

Shout Christmas long enough, and along it comes! La Fête dé Noué has developed in Jersey in recent years to become a distinctive seasonal festival in the run-up to Christmas: lights, parades, and lots of shopping in town. The Jèrriais greeting "Bouan Noué" can be seen all over, and Christmas carol singing can be heard in Town or else if one goes to the traditional L'Assembliée d'Jèrriais carol service. Of course, today's Christmas isn't like Christmas time past when children begged for treats door to door with rhymes, when country folk got their goods for sale ready on 23rd December for their trip to the Christmas markets, and when people celebrated Old Christmas Day on 6th January - but there are still some customs that are still kept or have been revived to make a very Jèrriais Christmas!

La Fête dé Noué Image

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