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June 6rd, 2010

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Dictionary addenda

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iliet (m) (n) hair whorl, crown (of hair)

As well as meaning eyelet, eddy, and carnation, iliet is a whorl of hair either on the crown of the head, or on an animal’s hide.

Nou dit qu’eune vaque tch’a d’s iliets driéthe les dgéthets est bouonne à lait. They say that a cow with whorls behind its legs is a good milker.

An iliet is where the couôtuthes of a cow meet.

rîle (f) (n) ridge of hair

As well as meaning a parting in hair, rîle (or rîl’ye) is a ridge of hair on an animal’s back.

More straightforward hair vocabulary:

  • g’veux = hair (on head)
  • pé = hair (on body)
  • v’loûseux = hairy
  • dêmêler = to comb
  • dêmêleux = comb
  • brînge à g’veux = hairbrush
  • copeux dé g’veux = hairdresser