Conseil Britannique-Irlandais – British-Irish Council

June 6th, 2010

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Conseil Britannique-Irlandais – British-Irish Council

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Conseil Britannique-Irlandais (CBI) eut eune haute rêunnion en Dgèrnésy 1’25 d’Juîn. Nou pâlit entouor nos langues dans lé c’meunitchi:
The British-Irish Council (BIC) had a summit meeting in Guernsey on 25th June. Part of the communiqué covers our languages:

Indigenous, Minority and Lesser Used Languages

Indigenous, Minority and Lesser-Used languages was the theme of the last BIC summit meeting held in Jersey in November 2009. At the summit, the Council endorsed the work of the group and added the economic benefits of bilingualism to the group’s remit. An officials meeting was held in Dublin in December 2009, where it was agreed that the UK would lead the work on economic benefits of bilingualism. It was also agreed to establish a sub-group to discuss the European Charter for Minority and Lesser Used Languages that would look at Member Administration’s experiences of the monitoring process, and share best practice on how to monitor progress and report to the Council of Europe. An inaugural meeting of this sub-group was held in Guernsey in June 2010. In February 2010 a seminar was held in Edinburgh by the legislation sub-group to discuss linguistic legislation. This was organised by the Scottish Government, who have chaired the legislation sub-group since it was established.