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July 7th, 2010

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Dictionary addenda

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Morning baguettes
Chèrgi preunmiéthement
par Julie70
  • long pain (m) (n) French loaf, baguette; dawdler, slowcoach, tardy payer
  • pain (m) d’tchian (n) bread made with scrapings of bread trough and bran
  • palme (m) à cocannettes (n) coconut palm
  • apique (adj) steep
  • bûsarder (v) wander with mischief in mind, go and try to stir something up, go looking for trouble
  • ouache (m) (n) swill, dishwater, worthless drink
  • agrouplier (v) huddle
  • agroup’ler (v) huddle
  • accapather (v) appropriate, purloin
  • souôtâssée (f) (n) saucerful
  • èrconsoler (v) cheer up
  • r’consoler (v) cheer up
  • s’tchuler (v) move back, step back
  • compéter (v) compete
  • s’entré-nâdgi (v) wind each other up

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