Newfoundland ghosts speak Jèrriais?

July 7th, 2010

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Newfoundland ghosts speak Jèrriais?

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An interesting ghost story from Newfoundland related by Dale Jarvis in The Telegram online:

Just before the fisherman reached the stage head, he saw a frightening sight rise up from the rocks right in front of him. Three ghostly figures emerged directly out of the granite bedrock. Later, the man described them as looking like three ancient Jersey men with weather-beaten faces. The three old men seemed to be talking in a foreign language, and arguing amongst themselves…

Much like Newfoundlanders, the people of Jersey have a rich tradition of folklore, and the island boasts many stories of witches, strange creatures, ghostly carriages, black dogs and phantoms of all types. Three Jersey ghosts would doubtlessly feel quite at home on our shores.