Félicitâtions! Congratulations!

August 8th, 2010

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Félicitâtions! Congratulations!

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Nou-s’a ouï les nouvelles qué Samantha, la femme du Preunmié Minnistre David Cameron, donnit naîssance à eune p’tite fil’ye aniet duthant lus vacanches à l’Hôpita d’Truro. Mess Cameron dit qu’i’ veurt lyi donner un nom Cornouaillais.

Ch’est-i’ pas damage qu’i’ n’fitent pon lus vacanches en Jèrri?
It was announced on the news today that Samantha, the wife of Prime Minister David Cameron, gave birth to a baby daughter in Truro Hospital while they were on holiday. Mr. Cameron said that they want to give her a Cornish name.

Isn’t it a pity they didn’t choose to have their holiday in Jersey?

Photo par “Land of Hope and Glory” sus Wikimedia Commons