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November 11st, 2010

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La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

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Engl Das neue Licht Salutâtions tout l’monde. La saîson d’fraid d’tchian c’menche! Thank you to those who attended last month’s meeting when we discussed the problems related to our Eisteddfod entry in a student class with two teachers in our group, despite one still being a student!
I am pleased to report that Colin Ireson has talked to Joan Tapley and for this year we are able to enter as before and be considered as before.

Of the correspondents from Rennes and Paris who are reading for Masters degrees, one will be coming to Jersey shortly to look for short term work and share her research with us while the other has requested any early laws, written in Jèrriais and not translated. Geraint advises that these don’t exist…laws were written in legal French with some Jèrriais phrases. He has directed us to Les Pages Jèrriaises and the Early Writings (1705) and the Letters pages.
Meanwhile, pronunciation of road names by the radio announcers continues to be terrible and even from Jersey Archive…Rouge Bouillon became Rouge Bullion, despite the announcer frequently using the right version!…….and the new road signs, even in St. Ouën, have no Le/La in front of them; it must be the cost per letter they are saving.

Our next meeting will be on Wed. 3rd Nov at 8.00pm in the AM Room for some diligent practice of Man Toppeur and any last minute additions/corrections to our L’s Habits contributions to Les Nouvelles Chroniques.