Details for parents – Eisteddfod 2010

November 11th, 2010

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Details for parents – Eisteddfod 2010

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This year the Jèrriais classes take place on Friday 19th November at St. Ouen’s Parish Hall. All children who attend our lessons are actively encouraged to take part in the Jèrriais Section. Those who are participating should be at the Parish Hall by the following times:

Clâsse 600 08.45 First year of entry: ‘L’homme dans la leune’ / ‘Ma Tante Êlizabé’
Clâsse 602 10.15 Set piece (<15yrs): 'Man Gardîn' / 'Au Voleux'
Clâsse 603 10.45 Set piece (15-20yrs)
Clâsse 604 11.00 Own choice (with or without script)
Clâsse 624 11.00 Reading at sight
Clâsse 601 11.30 Second year & upwards of entry: ‘Lé R’nard dans la né / Lé Six d’Janvyi 1781’
Lunch can be taken in the Hall, finishing at approx. 1.30pm
Clâsse 623 13.30 Group Choral Speaking

As it may be difficult for participants to travel to both sessions, they may bring and eat packed lunches at the Hall, where they will be supervised by their Jèrriais teachers. Parents and families are of course welcome to attend to support the children; there is a small entrance fee of £1.00 for adults only.

Your school may not be able to provide transport to the Eisteddfod; please check with your child’s teacher or the school secretary. If the school is unable to help out, we very much hope that parents will be able to get children to the Parish Hall. We are not able to provide transport ourselves.

If you have any questions or problems about the Eisteddfod Jèrriais section, please call 01534 449290/449291/449292