November 11st, 2010

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Séthée Jèrriaise, Eisteddfod 2010Les Séthées Jèrriaises d’l’Eisteddfod dé Jèrri lus freunmîtent pouor acouo eune année hièr au sé. Les mousses gângnants r’présentîtent lus pièches, et l’s adultes prîntent part dans les compétitions: r’citâtions d’sa chouaix, lectuthe à livre ouvèrt, dgialogue împromptu, et y’eut la pièche dé thiâtre dé couôteunme.

Séthée Jèrriaise, Eisteddfod 2010The Séthées Jèrriaises finished up yesterday evening with the youngsters who won their classes on Friday showing off their winning performances for the older audience. Then the adult classes concluded with own-choice pieces, reading at sight (the set text was taken from “Francis Vibert Le Feuvre” in Histouaithes et Gens d’Jèrri), and impromptu dialogues Séthée Jèrriaise, Eisteddfod 2010(duos competing went for a discussion of either the merits of food now and in the past or whether 53 States Members are too many). After the interval, the play spoofed a BBC Jersey-chaired discussion panel with “audience” contributions.