Langue et c’meunauté – Yeth ha Kemeneth

November 11th, 2010

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Langue et c’meunauté – Yeth ha Kemeneth

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Kernow a'gas dynnergh 20050527Nos anmîns Cornouaillais ont posté un rapport sus eune conféthence du Conseil Britannique Irlandais à tchi qué j’contribuînmes.
Our Cornish counterparts have reported on a British Irish Council event we contributed to.

Yeth ha Kemeneth

Henn o testen keskussulyans synsys gans Kessedhek rag Yethow Le-usys Konsel Breten Veur hag Iwerdhon, neb a elwys MAGA dhe gemeres rann ynno.

Gans kanasow dhyworth Alban, Iwerdhon Gledh, Kembra, Enys Vanow, Jersey ha Guernsey keffrys ha Kernow, an keskussulyans a viras orth ensomplow a braktys da ha’n pyth a yllyn ni dyski an unn dhyworth y gila a-dro dhe yeth ha dyskans, yeth yn teyluyow ha yeth ha displegyans kemeniethek…

An kuntelles o meur dhe les, hag y ros dhyn meur may hyllyn prederi anodho. Yn arbennek, marthys da o dhe dhyski moy a-dro dhe ober yn Enesow an Ganel ha gansa kudennow mar vras, po brassa, ages an re omma yn Kernow ha’gan govenek yw dhe besya gans an kevrennow ma.

Language and Community

This was the theme of a conference run by the British Irish Council’s Minority Language Committee to which MAGA was invited to contribute.

Attended by representatives from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey as well as Cornwall, the seminar looked at examples of good practice and at what we can learn from each other in the areas of language and education, language transmission in families and language in community development…

The seminar was very useful and gave us much food for thought. It was particularly interesting to learn of the work in the Channel Islands, where the challenges faced are as great, or greater, than those in Cornwall and we hope to continue these links.