La Vaque d’la Corbiéthe

December 12rd, 2010

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La Vaque d’la Corbiéthe

Office du Jerriaisanimals, Jersey Evening Post

A snippet from the Jersey Weekly Post 23/7/1970 :

Corbiere cow

I heard a delightful story over the weekend concerning a young Italian visitor to the Island who is staying somewhere near Corbière. One day recently he rushed in from the garden and, with a terrified look on his face, told the people he was staying with that there was a cow there. Subsequent investigation revealed that what he thought had been a cow was, in fact, the sound of the foghorn from Corbière Lighthouse. The lad had apparently never heard a foghorn before! Strangely enough, he equated the foghorn with a name that is often given to it in Jersey Norman-French, “La Vaque (cow) d’la Corbiéthe”.