Les Clâsses du Sé

January 1th, 2011

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Les Clâsses du Sé

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A brief note for all those taking part in our Jèrriais evening classes that they will re-start for the Spring term on Wednesday 19th January and run till 31st March.

Wednesdays 5.45 Colin Ireson’s Beginners
Wednesdays 6.00 Tony Scott Warren’s Intermediates
Thursdays 7.00 Colin Ireson’s Conversational

Another short note to add – following last November’s success at L’Eisteddfod d’Jèrri à St. Ouen, BBC Radio Jèrri have offered to record the short pièche dé thiâtre and broadcast it, probably as excerpts, in the coming weeks, dates to be confirmed. The pièche dé thiâtre was presented by members of the Thursday Conversational Evening class and was written by Joan Tapley. The broadcast might also include interviews with class members about their love for the language and their concerns about its preservation and promotion. A great “first” for us!