April Meservy

January 1th, 2011

Jèrriais Logo

April Meservy

Office du Jerriaissongs

Nikki Forova and April MeservyApril Meservy is an American musician of Jersey ancestry.

She explains, at Linescratchers, how Jèrriais inspired some branding:

What is the nature of your independent label, Forêt d’Musique? Do any other musicians use this label?
A: It’s an independent label that I created to host my own albums as well as other artists I produce. I have been starting to produce artists of different styles – from pop/rock to indie eclectic to light classical. Forêt d’Musique means Forest of Music in Jèrriais (an ancestral language of my family). I chose that title because I wanted it to be a label to represent music of all kinds. In a forest there are many different kinds of trees and plants – that’s what makes it beautiful. I feel it’s the same with music. Different songs and styles even speak to us in different ways and that’s what makes life rich and beautiful. No one style can represent the entirety of our experiences in life and the emotions we feel. I believe in celebrating that. My label intends to support and promote artists of different kinds.

Visit April Meservy’s site.