Jèrriais and language skills

January 1th, 2011

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Jèrriais and language skills

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Chambre des États - States ChamberLearning Jèrriais supports French and citizenship: a little anecdote recounted to us this morning in a primary school.

Schoolchildren in Jersey visit the States Chamber, as part of the citizenship programme ensuring they have enough knowledge and awareness to participate in the community, its institutions, laws and government. Students from this primary school in question had visited the States Chamber and rôle-played a mock debate – various students played parts of States Members. One boy was chosen to play the rôle of the Dean of Jersey and to read the customary prayer in French at the start of the session. He was chosen because his participation in Jèrriais class had given him the extra language skills and confidence to be able to read the French prayer. Jèrriais – life enriching!