Eisteddfod dates for 2011

March 3th, 2011

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Eisteddfod dates for 2011

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Jersey Eisteddfod 2010Bouonjour,
Just a short note to let you all know that there is a change in the Jersey Eisteddfod – Jèrriais Section venue/dates this year, which are as follows:
Venue: St. Ouen’s Parish Hall (again).
Dates: Friday 18th November 0900 – 1500 for schoolchildren (Junior Section) Entries.
Friday 18th Nov. 1930 – 2200hrs approx., Adults/Senior Sections.
Saturday 19th Nov. 1400 – 1730hrs approx., mini gala Junior Section winners start the afternoon,
followed by the remaining Adults/Senior Section entries.

We are grateful once again to the Connêtabl’ye of St. Ouen, Mons. Ken Vibert, for the loan of the Parish Hall and to his helpful staff who manage to have everything ready for us!

Bouonne chance auve la fête et vos entrées!