The Empire Strikes Vraic

April 4nd, 2011

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The Empire Strikes Vraic

Office du Jerriaiscinema, Guernsey

1yi d’Avri – Guernsey Futu rapporte:

Satellite broadcaster launches new local channel: Sky Guernsey

“So for example, we’ve commissioned a film about a group of crooked parish officials who are released from Les Nicolles and sent on a suicide mission into occupied St Saviour’s. The Dirty Douzaine will air later this year.

“And of course all our programmes will be in 18th century Guernsey French – the proper kind, the kind that would’ve made Marie de Garis reach for her dictionary.”

Guernsey Futu was treated to an advance screening of Batman Beghins, about a High Street store that over-orders superhero-themed footwear, and Fermains of the Day, starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson as two emotionally-repressed table staff at a posh St Martin’s beach kiosk.