Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel celebrates all things Jersey

May 5th, 2011

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Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel celebrates all things Jersey

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Hôtel Radisson Saint Hélyi Jèrri Janvyi 2010Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel rapporte:

The Radisson Blu Waterfront hotel has put together a host of tasty treats and food related experiences including a the introduction of a unique Jèrriais menu.

Diners at the Waterfront Brasserie will enjoy a very special A La Carte menu, which is presented in both English and Jèrriais. Jèrriais or ‘Jersey French’ as it’s often called is the traditional language of Jersey. Closely related to French this very special language can be traced back to Roman times. The local language proved useful for those who lived in the Island during the occupation enabling them to communicate in a way the German forces could not understand.

Commenting on this initiative Director of Sales and Marketing Lydia Smith said “The Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel is part of a large international group but we make sure one of our priorities is to do our utmost to engage the local community. Occupation of the Island plays such a large role in Jersey’s unique history, we thought that a menu produced in Jèrriais, the traditional language of Jersey would be a fitting celebration of this important occasion. We understand that around two hundred children are learning Jèrriais at Island schools and it’s a tradition that we are very keen to help promote.”