Jèrriais and Manx language revival

May 5th, 2011

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Jèrriais and Manx language revival

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isleofman.com rapporte:

Manx language revived in schools with over 1,000 pupils now learning

…More than 1,000 pupils now learn Manx in primary schools and around 100 are studying it at secondary level…

…”Their resources are nearly all written by team members. They are currently creating textbooks and have even written their own GCSE and A-level specifications.

“The quality of their work has been recognised elsewhere and some of the materials they have produced have been translated into Jerriais and used with children in Jersey.”…

The Jèrriais teaching programme received invaluable help from our Manx colleagues in the early days and continues to do so – but what this latest article from the Isle of Man article doesn’t mention is that they’ve also borrowed some materials back from us!

You can have a look at a Manx-Jèrriais vocabulary list, a Manx recipe in Jèrriais, and some more information about the Isle of Man and the educational links between us.