Bibl’ye en Cornouaillais – Bible in Cornish

August 8st, 2011

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Bibl’ye en Cornouaillais – Bible in Cornish

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Baner Kernow 3Evertype annonche:

Evertype announces the publication of An Beybel Sans, the first ever complete Bible in the Cornish language.

Throughout this translation attested borrowings have been preferred to unattested coinages, thus the word pùrgacyon is used in preference to the coinage *purheans, and the attested cyrcùmcîsys to the invented *enwosys…. For ‘priest’ the word offeryas is often used in revived Cornish. Offeryas is not actually attested, being a respelling of offeriat in the Old Cornish Vocabulary; the plural is not recorded. The ordinary word for ‘priest, cleric’ in Cornish is pronter (spelt pronter, prounter, prownter, proanter) which is attested in Old, Middle and Late Cornish at least 20 times altogether…

The Old Testament in this translation is based on the English Standard Version of 2001, though the original Hebrew text was consulted in all places of difficulty. The New Testament portion is a revised version of Testament Noweth (Spyrys a Gernow, 2002), which was based on the original Greek text. There are many passages and quotations from the Bible in the remains of traditional Cornish. All such identified passages have been respelt in the present orthography and incorporated into in the translation below. Furthermore every attempt has been made in An Beybel Sans to produce a translation that was readable, idiomatic and internally consistent. The orthography used is Standard Cornish (Kernowek Standard) which is intended to be both authentic and unambiguous from the phonetic point of view.

ISBN 1-904808-70-1. Price: €56.95, £45.95.