Baînitchi – Limpet gathering

August 8th, 2011

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Baînitchi – Limpet gathering

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Common limpetTony’s Musings: Limpet Gathering:

Ours would be cooked for our cat, Spitfire, but during the Occupation, some Islanders had permission to forage for limpets to supplement their meagre diet. It is estimated that on diet of limpets alone, 400 would be needed daily for enough calories, so they would have been hard pressed to find enough to eat!

  • baîni = limpet
  • baînitchi = go limpet gathering
  • baîniqu’sie = limpet gathering (activity)
  • baînitcheux = limpet gatherer (person); limpet gathering tool
  • cliuté coumme un baîni = stuck fast
  • les Ventres à Baînis = limpet-bellies (nickname for people from Saint Peter)
  • les baînis sont dans la pouque = the thing’s in the bag
  • j’ai d’aut’s baînis à êcovi = I’ve got other fish to fry

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