Les dgiêx mots 2011 – The 10 word challenge

October 10th, 2011

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Les dgiêx mots 2011 – The 10 word challenge

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10 white, red rounded rectangleAnother in our series on the words in this year’s 10 word challenge for Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine.

The form engibâtrer is given but, as the very flexible and permissive “rules” go, you can use any form of the verb, or a noun like engibâtréthie, or some derivative like engibâtré.

Engibâtrer means put together hastily or unusually, and can refer to getting dressed or dressed-up in a particular way: strange clothes, extreme fashion. So if something’s been arranged on the hoof, or thrown together any old how, or patched up in an ad hoc way, or kludged or jury-rigged – you could use engibâtrer to describe that action or the result. But in a slangy sort of way it simply means “put together”:

  • Coumme tchi dgiâtre qu’tu’as engibâtré chenna? = how the devil did you manage to fix that up? 
  • Av’-ous veu les dreines modes dé Paris sus les pronm’nades ès cats? Sont-i’ engibâtrées! = Have you seen the latest Paris fashions on the catwalks? What do they look like!