Du Jèrriais siez BBC Jèrri

November 11th, 2011

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Du Jèrriais siez BBC Jèrri

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Here is a list of the words and phrases we covered in this week’s little Jèrriais lesson on BBC Jersey (Monday 2.30pm):

  • blianc = white
  • Les Blianches Banques = the white (sand)banks
  • blianche plianche = whiteboard
  • néthe plianche = blackboard
  • S’i’ vos pliaît = please (plural, or polite to one person
  • S’i’ t’pliaît = please (familiar, to one person)
  • Tch’est qu’…? = What…?
  • Tch’est qu’est tan nom? = What’s your name?
  • Man nom est… = My name’s…

Click on linked words for a sound clip!