Hodgîngnole – Christmas box

December 12th, 2011

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Hodgîngnole – Christmas box

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Hodgîngnole = Christmas box/New Year gift
Éthiviéthes = Christmas box/New Year gift

Nou soulait tcheûter coumme chennechîn:
One used to go from house to house singing these rhymes:

M’s éthiviéthes, m’s éthiviéthes, s’i’ vos pliaît

My Christmas box, please

Noué, Noué, man Noué….
un morcé d’gâche sus l’but dé l’ais

Christmas, my Christmas…
a piece of cake on the end of the shelf

Ma hodgîngnole, ma hodgîngnole, holà,
du pain d’Noué s’i’ y’en a!

My New year present, some Christmas bread if there’s any