Du Jèrriais siez BBC Jèrri

January 1th, 2012

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Du Jèrriais siez BBC Jèrri

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Here is a list of the phrases we covered in this week’s little Jèrriais lesson on BBC Jersey (Monday after 6pm – note new time). We revised weather vocab from last week and added these new phrases:

  • i’ vente à êcôner un boeu = it’s very windy (it’s blowing to dehorn a bull)
  • i’ bliâse = it’s foggy/misty
  • d’la bliâse brousseuse = drizzly fog
  • eune bliâse à coper au couté = fog you could cut with a knife
  • aller sept noeuds dans la bliâse = go like the clappers (seven knots in the fog)
  • j’sis dans la bliâse = I haven’t the foggiest
  • il en dêtchèrque = it’s chucking it down
  • lé solé lit = the sun’s shining
  • i’ fait fraid = it’s cold
  • l’aube gélée = frost

Click on linked words for a sound clip!

Note that letters â, ê, î, ô, û, and ŷ are pronounced long in Jèrriais.