“Whit needs tae be duin tae gie Scots its richtfu place in Scottish education”

February 2th, 2012

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“Whit needs tae be duin tae gie Scots its richtfu place in Scottish education”

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Lé Scots Language Centre rapporte un discours au Scots Language Society Annual Collogue d’l’année pâssée entouor lé Scots dans l’ensîngn’gnie:

Yet, while CfE spells oot the important role o Scottish culture in the curriculum, it doesnae say how we can mak shair this’ll happen. The SNP’s plans for Scottish Studies is a braw idea if it’s a core element at every level richt across the curric, wi qualifications at every level, but if it’s only an optional unit in saicondary, it will be fechtin for a place in a gey crowded curriculum, a minority subject left tae enthusiastic individuals, jist as it has aye been, an willnae mak muckle difference.

Ane simple wey o makkin siccar that aw schuils tak this duty seriously is via a mandatory element in courses an exams, as we hae in Higher History and Drama, but these are baith minority subjects, efter S.2 or even earlier. Shairly it is noo ayond debate that we need a compulsory core o Scottish literature an language at every level in the SQA English exams, the only subject taen by aw pupils (+ a compulsory core in aw Social subjects). This wid jist bring Scotland intae line wi whit maist ither countries in the world hae lang taen for granted, somethin the Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS) has buin advocatin for mony a lang year.