Des buts du Dictionnaithe – Dictionary snippets

May 5th, 2012

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Des buts du Dictionnaithe – Dictionary snippets

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Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français contcheint un amas d’entrées tchi connaîssent la caûque-souothis ou f’thaient rithe les cats. Dans chutte séthie, j’en présentons en Angliais tchiqu’s’eunes d’întéthêt.
A series of out-of-the-ordinary entries translated from the Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français.

halepliourder v. Pull by the clothes,scold. This term is fairly equivalent to êpliourder. One uses it also in a figurative way: I am pulled from one side and the other; I need to be everywhere! For those who are from our family, it’s certainly halepliourder which is best known to us. The term is composed of hale – haul and pliourder – shake rudely and perhaps carries more more emphasis than the latter. By extension it’s, to quarrel. They do nothing but quarrel the length of days. See also halebourder