Du Jèrriais siez BBC Radio Jèrri

June 6th, 2012

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Du Jèrriais siez BBC Radio Jèrri

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Here is a list of the phrases we covered in this week’s little Jèrriais lesson on BBC Jersey (Monday after 6pm). We revised last week’s verbs and added a few more:

  • liéthe = to read
  • r’liéthe/èrliéthe = to re-read, to read again, to read back
  • dêliéthe = to read backwards (to be done with magic books, according to folklore)
  • graie = to make, to prepare, to create
  • bûchi = to break

iterative aspect:
putting r’/èr as a prefix on any verb in Jèrriais conveys the idea of a repetition of the action.