Name that bus! Shortlist announced

September 9rd, 2012

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Name that bus! Shortlist announced

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CT Plus Jersey – CT Plus Jersey News annonche:

After dozens of outstanding ideas from the Jersey public, we’ve put together a shortlist of the best ones. You can now vote for your favourite and name the service.
The shortlist of your ideas is

  • LibertyBus
  • Jersey Clipper
  • Douze Vailes (Twelve Sails)
  • Avanchi (Advance, move forward)

We’ve teamed up with Channel 103 FM to organise the vote, with instructions on their website here. The name with the most votes will be used across the fleet – so cast your vote now!

Bein seux qu’les deux noms Jèrriais sont les miyeurs.
Of course the two Jèrriais names are the best.