Êtudes Jèrriaises – Jersey Studies

September 9th, 2012

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Êtudes Jèrriaises – Jersey Studies

Office du Jerriaisschools


Every Jersey child will have a taster of Jèrriais in future thanks to a new course that starts in States schools next week.

Jersey Studies’, which has been pioneered by L’Office du Jèrriais, will provide
six lessons to every Year 4 student in primary schools. The Jèrriais sessions will take place during school hours as part of the citizenship curriculum.

An activity booklet called ‘Jèrri chîn’ et là’ (Jersey here and there) has been produced to accompany the course and contains information, quizzes, games and song lyrics designed to appeal to the 8 to 9 year olds involved. Each lesson will focus on an aspect of Jersey culture such as nature, geography, history or the economy and will include songs from a CD performed by local band Badlabecques.

Tony Scott Warren, L’Offici du Jèrriais (Jèrriais Officer), said: “We’re delighted that it’s now within the curriculum because it means we can reach all children. When it was outside school time we could only offer it to about a third of pupils.

“The lessons should be fun and engaging and an exciting way to introduce young islanders to this fascinating part of their heritage. The children who want to carry on after Jersey Studies and learn more Jèrriais can then go to one of four schools that have been designated ‘Pallions’, an old St Ouen word meaning a place for people to meet and talk.”

ESC Minister Deputy Patrick Ryan added: “This an excellent initiative that I hope will capture the imaginations of our Year 4 children and help develop not only their skills but their knowledge of our unique heritage and culture.”