Corn Riot Knees Up

September 9st, 2012

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Corn Riot Knees Up

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Jersey’s very own Jèrriais-singing pop-folk band, Badlabecques will be launching their debut studio album at this month’s very ‘Jersey’ themed Muse night in the Royal Square on Friday 28th September from 17.00 – 21.00. The event, hosted by Jersey Heritage will showcase a selection of traditional and contemporary local music, dishes and dancing, whilst telling the story of the Jersey ‘Corn Riot’ which took place this day in 1769.

Known for their mission to rekindle the traditional language of Jèrriais amongst Islanders, Badlabecques are gaining great momentum on the local music circuit with their catchy melodies and clever lyrical spins. It seems a natural decision then, that they should launch their debut album ‘Hèque Badlabecques!’ in conjunction with Jersey Muse, the series of cultural events hosted by Jersey Heritage as a direct response to the wishes of young Islanders wanting to engage with their cultural roots through a new and vibrant programme of events.

Billed as a ‘Corn Riot Knees Up!’, the event will also feature up-and-coming bands from La Motte Street Studios, as well as local acts The Centeniers (indie/rock), Jersey Bob (acoustic), and a short story about the historical significance of the Jersey ‘Corn Riot’ on 28th September 1769. In keeping with the Jersey theme, there will also be bean crock and other local dishes available. Badlabecques will then take to the stage as a nine-piece band at around 7:30pm and showcase the songs from their album.


Martin Coxshall, keyboard player, says: “I hope that through the music of Badlabecques, the work of education and L’Office Du Jèrriais, that future generations of children will recall some of these great Jèrriais songs with the same familiarity that we presently recall songs like ‘Frère Jacques’.”

Charity Involvement
Badlabecques have also received support from L’Assemblieé d’Jèrriais and the Don Balleine Trust and are in fact still fundraising to pay for the album production and marketing so donations to the project are very welcome through L’Office Du Jèrriais.

50% of the proceeds from the sale of ‘Hécque Badlabecques!’ will go to local community projects – 25% to L’Assemblieé d’Jèrriais, for the promotion and development of the Jèrriais language, and 25% to La Motte Street Studios, to help support local young musicians.