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October 10th, 2012

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La Section de la langue Jèrriaise annonche:

Les Fieillets Jèrriais.
Novembre 2012

Salutâtions tout l’monde. Ch’est la saison d’la ramass’sie d’bann’lais pouor faithe du mouaîsi ès fielles! Thank you to everyone who attended last month’s meeting… we’re getting better at our recitation! We were also reminded to try and write a piece with a religious theme to submit to Geraint… à L’Office…. for the deadline at the end of October 31st, next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, we have finally visited three places where our language has been presented to the public in a rather striking way.

The places are as follows;

  • on the front of the Les Pierres de Lecq apartments in the development of the old Stable Bar opposite the entrance to Le Moulin de Lecq…, Les Pierres de Lecq/Pater Nosters;
  • On the parapet of the wall surrounding the entrance to Greenacres Farm on the western side of La Grande Route de St. Jean before Sion….. aspects of farming.
  • In the floor of the Chart Room in the Castle Quay apartments on the Waterfront, the nautical terms of a sea voyage.

In each case they seem to have stemmed from the initiative Philip Hewat-Jaboor, the Percentage for Art consultant, who suggested to the developers/owners, eg. Dandara, that Gary Breeze, a prize winning letter sculptor should be commissioned to compose pieces for these properties. His themes in each place, all in attested Jèrriais, are beautifully and strikingly inscribed. It seems to us that the developers’ agreement was quite surprising and pleasing, and that their money has been well spent, but then, we’re biased!

Photographs and copies of the texts have been made and we hope to get them displayed more prominently for the public. Next month’s meeting is on Wed. 7th Nov. 8.00pm, AM room for Eisteddfod practice, Carol Singing, Annual Service and maybe publicity.

J. Clarke & R. Nichols.