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December 12rd, 2012

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La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

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La Section de la langue Jèrriaise d’la Sociêté Jèrriaise rapporte:

Les Fieillets Jèrriais.
Dézembre 2012.

Salutâtions tout l’monde. Ch’est l’c’menchement d’hivé et la fîn d’l’année.

Thank you to everyone who attended last month’s meeting, we practised our competition piece for L’Eisteddfod.. ‘Ch’est la fîn tchi couronne l’oeuvre‘ par Elie, and with one other practice on the Thursday before the big day, we agreed to meet before our moment of truth on stage but in the end decided not to. We duly marched onto ‘la strade’ and gave our all!! We gained a Gold Certificate with a score of 89 marks, and came top of our Section, beating two other groups. The Adjudicator, Brian Vibert, with Adjoint, Edwin Godel, were very precise with their remarks which were as follows;

“Eune forte présentâtion des chinq mêssieurs tchi ‘taient sus la strade en faichon militaithe. Uene bouonne variêté dé ton, dé vitesse et d’expression d’un groupe tch’a èrcité exactément ensembl’ye tout l’travèrs. Allons garcons, ch’la va.”

Many of the pupils managed to get out to St. Ouën with the help of parents or friends, but not always with the School minibus, and they too tried very hard. Many were a bit frightened of going on stage, let alone reciting a solo and some withdrew, but it was wonderful to see them overcome their fears and do credit to themselves, the language, their schools and their teachers.

The established lesson times will finish this week and attendance at the four Pallion centres will finish next week to resume in the New Year.

In the meantime, Gary Breeze’s beautifully carved Jèrriais agricultural terms on the entrance walls at Greenacres just south of Sion, the names and words of Les Pierres de Lecq and the Paternoster on the wall of Les Pierres de Lecq Apartments, as well as the nautical terms set in stainless steel across the floor of the Chart Room at Castle Quay have been recorded and photographed and the words have been reproduced on three separate A4 cards.

As Christmas is nigh, our last meeting will be on Wed. Dec. 5th. in the AM Room at 8pm, and will be devoted to rehearsals for Carol Singing, firstly with members from L’Office and L’Assembliée, and hopefully some pupils and parents from the Primary Schools on Thursday, 6th, this week from 6.30 pm outside Marks and Spencer’s, followed by a small party with refreshments, at the Town Hall. On Saturday, Lé Sèrvice Annuel will be held St. Andrew’s Church again at 6.30pm followed by the usual Supper in the adjacent hall.

One diary date for the New Year could be Wed. Jan 9th……rather than Wed. Jan 2nd (which may be a bit too soon after New Year’s Day) ……for our programme meeting, but this can be discussed on Wednesday.

John Clarke (Président).
Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe).