CT Plus Jersey – Smartcard

December 12th, 2012

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CT Plus Jersey – Smartcard

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Libertybus OSR 3(A)CT Plus Jersey – Smartcard:

What should the smartcard be called?

London has its Oyster, Singapore has its Octopus, Guernsey has its Ormer – but what should the brand new smartcard in Jersey be called? We think that the children and young people of Jersey should decide.

Over the past few weeks, schools across Jersey have been asking you for your ideas. We’ve had lots of outstanding suggestions – and it’s been really tough for our panel of judges to narrow them down to a shortlist of three.

It’s now time for the final vote…

We’d like you to pick the name you’d like to see on every smartcard used on Jersey’s buses. The choice is yours… 

  • Avanchi Card 
  • Gold Card 
  • Vivre Card