La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

February 2th, 2013

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La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

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À ces sé, la Section étha sa rêunnion au C’mîn d’la Caûchie à 8h.
This evening, there’s the Section meeting at 8pm.

Les Fieillets Jèrriais.
Févri, 2013.

Salutâtions tout l’monde. Mes r’grets et extchuses mais i’y’a un tas d’choses d’vant mé.
Thank you to those who attended last month’s meeting, we are still progressing slowly.

If I’ve said this before, I apologise, but it was with great shock and sadness that we learned of Dierdre’s passing. Words are difficult to find, and there are so many that can describe the kind of person she was. From our beginning in 1995, she supported us, struggled with us and stood side by side with us on the stage at all the Eisteddfodau, reciting words she had often found difficult to learn.

Although she found it a bit difficult at times, she brought the same persistence and attention to detail to it, and always asked questions in rehearsals to get it right. She even encouraged us at times, saying ‘we really ought to try’….even without a conductor at one performance….when we got a bit scared of performing in front of expert speakers! John, our Chairman said much more at her wake following her funeral and was eloquent in his praise of her. She never failed us and will remain for a long, long in our memories.

There’s nothing to report at present on the Jèrriais front except that Geraint would like our contributions on ‘Crime and Criminality’ in by Feb. 14th next week for Les Nouvelles Chroniques.

…tonight’s meeting will be at 8.00pm in the AM Room at La Société, and maybe we can continue the work on some of the literature collection, again, something which Dierdre was very keen to do……and also maybe finish our compositions ….dictionaries will be available!