Enouorfanté – furiouser and furiouser

May 5th, 2013

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Enouorfanté – furiouser and furiouser

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Dictionary addenda:

enouorfanté = furious, enraged, amazed, astonished + at the end of one’s tether, disgusted

Perhaps enouorfanté has some of the flavour and strength of gobsmacked or flabbergasted.

J’têmes à caqu’ter à L’Office hièr et l’mot enouorfanté géthit, et j’eûnmes eune p’tite distchussion entouor. Heutheusement la machinne ‘tait en allant et n’en v’chîn un but enr’gistrément:

We were chatting at L’Office yesterday and the word enouorfanté came up and we had a little discussion on the matter. Luckily we were recording at the time so here’s a snippet of the chat: