À Saint Pièrre et à Saint Ouën

July 7th, 2013

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À Saint Pièrre et à Saint Ouën

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Un mio d’fanne! À s’nêtre, Geraint est à Saint Pièrre; à dêtre, Colin est à Saint Ouën; au mitan y’a eune pièrre tchi mèrque la frontchiéthe entre ches deux Pâraisses sus la Grande Route des Mielles.

A bit of fun! There’s a boundary stone in the middle of this little staged scene on the frontier between Saint Peter and Saint Ouen. Geraint and Colin ask each other in Jèrriais where they are, and since they’re in different Parishes even though right next to each other, the answers are different.

Incidentally this little conversation illustrates linguistic variation in the questions: one of the speakers uses “où’est qu'” for “where” and the other uses “éyou qu'” (can you spot who uses which form?). Both forms are equally correct – just another example of the richness of our Jersey language!