Noué: Sonne les clioches

December 12st, 2013

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Noué: Sonne les clioches

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La dgaîngue Badlabecques annonche:

A festive collection of 10 Christmas songs in Jèrriais is now available to download for free – just click ‘download’ (…) and enter £0.00 as the ‘price’.

The album contains a selection of well-known Christmas classics, as well as a few lesser-known French and Jersey carols, sung entirely in the language of Jèrriais.

Commissioned by L’Office Du Jèrriais (with the support of Le Don Balleine), and recorded at Le Rocquier School studio, you’ll hear Jèrriais versions of old favourites like ‘Jingle Bells’ (Sonne Les Clioches) and ‘Oh Holy Night’ (Mînniet Chrêtchiens), along with some more unexpected choices like ‘Nos V’chîn Dans La Ville d’Dâvi’ (Here We Are In The Town Of David), and Hèque Saint Nicolas! (Hooray For St. Nicholas!).

Badlabecques founder and lead singer Kit Ashton hopes people will really enjoy the album, which is entitled ‘Eune Bordée d’Noué!’ (meaning a Christmas party), and also at the same time perhaps reflect on the deeper significance of Christmas:

“We’ve tried to capture the Christmas spirit of family and fun, which hopefully balances quite well with the more thoughtful Christian carols, some of which are quite profound, with their message of Peace to all, Hope, Joy, and the redemptive power of Love.”


‘Eune Bordée d’Noué!’ can be downloaded for free, along with an electronic ‘booklet’ containing all the lyrics and translations…