Genuine Jersey

January 1th, 2014

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Genuine Jersey

Office du Jerriaissigns

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We are supportive of the L’Office du Jèrriais who are working to promote and encourage the use of Jèrriais in the business community. Jèrriais, as you will know, is Jersey’s unique language and a vital part of our cultural heritage. Its use in your branding and promotional literature can identify your organisation more closely with the Island. It can be achieved for a minimal outlay, since translation services are available free of charge from L’Office du Jèrriais. Free lessons could even be provided for your staff by arrangement. Bi- lingual signs can be found at the Harbour, on the Parish of St. Helier’s recycling branding and you will have seen the LibertyBuses with the Parish names in Jèrriais, so this is a growing movement.