Les Pallions – Autumn term 2014 – information for parents

September 9st, 2014

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Les Pallions – Autumn term 2014 – information for parents

Office du Jerriaisschools

We will be starting lessons at Les Pallions from Monday 8th September. However, if your child is attending the Pallion d’Grouville, there will be no lesson at Grouville School until 18th September due to the Jersey International Air Display.

The lessons take place as follows:

Lé Pallion d’St. Louothains at St. Lawrence School
Mondays 3.45-4.30
Lé Pallion d’St. Pièrre at St. Peter’s School
Tuesdays 3.45-4.30
Lé Pallion d’la Preunmié Tou at First Tower School
Wednesdays 3.45-4.30
Lé Pallion d’Grouville at Grouville School
Thursdays 3.45-4.30

The lessons begin promptly at 3.45 in order for parents bringing students from other schools to get to their Pallion. If you are in this situation, please ensure that your child arrives before 3.45. If your child attends the school where the Pallion takes place, he or she may remain at school – a Jèrriais teacher is scheduled to arrive at each Pallion at 3.00.

Please also make sure that your child is met at 4.30 – the Pallion teachers may have to get to later lessons and so delays are not desirable!

If you cannot get your child to a lesson, please (if possible) let us know in advance. If you want your child to attend a different Pallion, please discuss this with us – we can usually arrange changes. Also if you need to withdraw your child from their Pallion, please advise us of this – otherwise we have to contact their school to find out why they have not attended.

A good standard of behaviour is expected of our students. The emphasis of our lessons is on enjoyable learning, and children will be invited from time to time to take part in some voluntary Jèrriais events, such as the Eisteddfod, concerts and Christmas Carol singing.

If parents or grandparents would like to attend the Pallion and learn some Jèrriais with their son or daughter, please let us know. We have had a number of adult learners join us in previous years, and they have been able to continue learning outside the classroom with their family.

There is no charge for Jèrriais lessons at Les Pallions; L’Office du Jèrriais receives a grant from the Départément pouor l’Êducâtion, l’Sport et la Tchultuthe (Department for Education, Sport and Culture) to provide teaching of our language.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Jèrriais lessons.