Language and the Making of Nations

October 10rd, 2014

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Language and the Making of Nations

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British Library’s seminar on language politics

Friday 14 November, 10:30-17:30
British Library, Conference Centre

The creation of a unified language has been significant in the formation of the nations of Europe. Part of the process has been the compilation of standard grammars and dictionaries, an initiative often followed by linguistic minorities, determined to reinforce their own identity. This seminar will look at the relationship between majority and minority languages in the countries of Europe, the role of language in national histories, and the creation of national literary languages.

Specialists in the history of the languages of Europe will explore these issues in relation to Czech, Georgian, Italian, Russian and Serbian, as well as Catalan, Dutch, Frisian, Silesian and the Norman French of Jersey.

Mari Jones (Reader in French Linguistics, Cambridge University), Identity planning and Jersey Norman French.