Exploring the Greater Gàidhealtachd

December 12th, 2014

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Exploring the Greater Gàidhealtachd

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Un site pouor la promotion du tourisme tchultuthel en Irlande et Êcôsse:

A site for the promotion of cultural tourism in Ireland and Scotland:

TurasG is your essential guide to cultural tourism in the Greater Gàidhealtacht.

This is a pilot project which will focus on Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland Bordering regions. TurasG will encourage real and virtual visits to our rich and varied cultural landscape through the Gaelic language and culture. This insider guide will showcase the best the area has to offer in regards to historical attractions, stunning landscape and unique culture. By creating themed trails, potential visitors can then search places according to their own specific interests and requirements. Still to be developed will be a journey planner tool whereby cultural tourists can add and share information and also extract relevant material and create their own trails.

Gaelic has been the language of Ireland and Scotland for over two thousand years and is still alive and in common use in both countries to this day.

This beautiful and rich language gives both Ireland and Scotland a unique identity.

If you would like to incorporate Gaelic or Irish to your day-to-day business activities we’ve produced a couple of language learning toolkits that you can use give it a go and learn the basic, you will find easy to follow, short lessons, interactive activities to practice and hundreds of sound files, recorded by native speakers, that will help you pick up the correct pronunciation