The Dragon (1)

February 2rd, 2015

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The Dragon (1)

Office du Jerriaisgrammar, La Société Jersiaise

Né v’chîn la preunmié partie d’l’histouaithe qué nou s’en va traduithe pouor d’la pratique granmaticale Mêcrédi au sé à la rêunnion d’la Section de la langue Jèrriaise, à La Société Jersiaise dans la Rue d’la Caûchie à 8 heuthes du sé.

Here’s the first part of the story that’s for translation and grammar practice at 8pm on Wednesday evening at the Section meeting in Pier Road.

The Dragon

There was a dragon who lived in Saint Lawrence.
Where did it live?
It lived in Saint Lawrence.
What was it like?
It was very big, it had lots of scales and claws, and it breathed fire.
How big was it?
It was very big. It was as big as a house.
How many scales did it have?
It had more scales than could be counted.
What did it breathe?
It breathed hot flames from its nostrils.
This dragon was very scary.
The people round about were very scared.
They used to run and hide when they heard the noise of the dragon’s scales and burning.
Did the dragon burn a lot of things?
The dragon destroyed cottages, houses and carts. It swallowed up singed cows, sheep and horses. And it dried up streams and ponds.
The people were distraught, and they sent for someone to help them.
They had to get rid of the dragon.