Eune compétition d’gammes – A games competition

February 2th, 2015

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Eune compétition d’gammes – A games competition

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Duthant les s’maines tchi veinnent, les mousses ès Pallions lus en vont faithe un projet. N’en v’chîn l’s înstructions:

Over the coming weeks, the children in the Pallions will be doing a project. Here are the instructions:

Eune compétition d’gammes

Each Pallion will make a Jèrriais game.

Once finished, all four Pallions will play all the games (including their own) and then vote for their favourite out of the other three games.

Each game must be a game that can be played by a group (perhaps in teams) in class in Jèrriais.

Each game should have a theme (anything you like – perhaps counting, animals, food, places, people, time…. or anything else)

The game could be a board game, a card game, a dice game, a game with actions or forfeits, or any combination.

Ideas: pair-matching, memory, building a winning hand of similar items….

We have:

  • blank playing cards (pictures, words, numbers, symbols can be added to these)
  • ABC cards
  • dice
  • counters

You need:

  • to plan the theme and decide the Jèrriais vocabulary
  • to decide the rules
  • to make the board/cards/other materials
  • practise the game and agree the final version