The Dragon (3)

March 3nd, 2015

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The Dragon (3)

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À la rêunnion d’la Section de la langue Jèrriaise, Mêcrédi au sé, à La Société Jersiaise dans la Rue d’la Caûchie à 8 heuthes du sé lé 4 dé Mar, nou s’en va traduithe la deuxième partie d’l’histouaithe du dragon pouor d’la pratique granmaticale. N’en v’chîn la traisième partie d’l’histouaithe tchi s’sa pouor la rêunnion du mais d’Avri:

Still time to think about the second part of the dragon story for translation and grammar practice at 8pm on Wednesday evening, 4th March, at the Section meeting in Pier Road. (Don’t worry about coming along if you haven’t done any of the translation, it’s not as though it’s homework or a test or anything – just a basis for practising some questions, answers, different ways of saying things, synonyms and so on: something to get us talking!) And here’s advance copy of the third instalment, for discussion at the April meeting:

“If I give it a whack with my sword, the dragon will surely wake up!” he exclaimed.
The lord, you see, wouldn’t kill the dragon while it was asleep, as that wouldn’t have been fair.
Sometimes, lords are nobler than they ought to be.
And, in those days, they didn’t get to be a lord by being clever. They’d only have to be brave and strong.
The lord, who was certainly brave and strong although he wasn’t clever, went up behind the dragon and gave its backside a great whack with his sword.
But dragon scales are very hard and thick, and what the lord did didn’t have much effect.
The lord kicked the dragon’s backside, but all this did was to hurt the lord’s toes.
The lord withdrew, limping. He thought for a bit, and although he was really rather dim, he had an idea.
“If I went off and borrowed a dragon alarm-clock, I’d be able to make it ring and the dragon would wake up!”
Off went the noble and brave lord in search of a dragon alarm-clock.