Speak Cornish Week

June 6th, 2015

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Speak Cornish Week

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It’s Speak Cornish week again and this year at Maga we are encouraging everyone to talk about what they like!

The Cornish for “I like…” is “Da yw Genev…” and this is the theme of this year’s #SpeakCornish week which runs from 4 to 13 July.

MAGA is inviting people to contribute drawings, photos or film of people using “Da yw genev…” to tell us what they like. During the week helpful vocabulary will be released on www.learncornishnow.com/speakcornishweek.

Last year the website www.learncornishnow.com received an impressive 10,000 extra visitors during #SpeakCornish week, and over 200 individuals and businesses posted films of themselves using Cornish online, ran promotions and competitions and arranged activities. The tag #SpeakCornish made half a million impressions in one hour!