Scotland’s first Scriever

August 8th, 2015

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Scotland’s first Scriever

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HeraldScotland rapporte:

Scotland’s first Scriever, or official writer in Scots, has been appointed to raise awareness and appreciation of the language.

Hamish MacDonald, a writer, poet and playwright, will be the first writer to hold the two year residency post at the National Library of Scotland, funded by £50,000 from the national arts body, Creative Scotland.

He will write new work in Scots, including in its “variants and dialects” and is tasked with “raising awareness, appreciation and use of Scots across the country and amongst all parts of the population.”

In a statement Mr MacDonald wrote: “I am delighted tae be offered the new an vitally important role as Scots Scriever wae the National Library o Scotland.

“I luik forwart tae workin wae communities throughoot Scotland in gie’in voice tae this vibrant language which, whether spoken or written, deserves tae be celebrated everywhere.”